Pearl and Alexandrite Birthstone

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June Birthstone // Alexandrite and Pearl


June gets lucky when it comes to birthstones because they have two! Pearl and Alexandrite are the lucky gemstones that are for June birthdays.


Alexandrite is a rare stone and is more expensive because of this. It was found in the 19th Century and does not have the kind of lore and history that other gemstones have. It was given its name because the stone was discovered in Russia on Prince Alexander II’s birthday.


Miners first discovered this stone when they were mining emeralds. They did not think the stones were anything different from emeralds until they looked red in the light of the fire and green in the day.


Alexandrites are a hardy stone and the diamond is the only stone that is harder than them.

Because of this and the fact that it is one of the most rarest gems found so far, it is pretty costly.


Pearls are more common but are just as beautiful when put in the right settings and mountings. Pearls are the one gemstone that is created by a living creature. Even though any shelled mollusk can produce a pearl, the pearls that are the most valuable are made from oysters.


Pearls come in all different shapes and sizes and the color of the pearl is determined on whatever the color of the shell that produced the pearl is. There are different ranges that pearl colors can be like white, black and yellow range.


One in every 10,000 oysters has a natural pearl in it. Natural pearls have become more rare and this is somewhat due to an over harvest of them in the 1930’s.


Pearls and Alexandrite are so fun and perfect for June! Check out some of our pieces on our website to see the gorgeous gems.

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