Sapphire - September Birthstone

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From the Greek word sappheiros, Sapphires have long been associated with mystical powers and royalty. In ancient times, it was thought that to wear a sapphire, would protect you from all evil. Medieval Kings choose to wear sapphires because they thought it would protect them from their enemies.

Famously, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a large sapphire, surrounded by a halo of diamonds for her engagement ring. This style of ring is still quite popular today.

Sapphires are a popular choice for jewelers, as the stone is very hard and durable. In fact, the only precious stone harder than a sapphire is diamond. This makes sapphire a popular alternative for engagement rings and other everyday styles.

While sapphire is most recognized in its deep shades of blue, sapphires are actually available in every color (except red). Popular alternative colors of sapphire are orange, yellow and pink.

Sapphires are an excellent choice of gemstone to be enjoyed for years to come, and to pass down as heirlooms to future generations.

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